Diamond Wild

Diamond wild is the only symbol that does not offer any bonus payout. The wild symbol in the game is depicted as the mr. Diamond icon, and it will replace all icons except the scatter icon depicted by the diamond icon to complete winning paying lines. Such an extra prize needed will be rewarded by the tumbling reels feature,. The free spin feature might offer some winning potential with up to 10 spins with a 2x multiplier. Mr. Diamond from bally software is perhaps best known for its selection of free spin bonus rounds that offer the potential for handsome top prizes to players who land them in group 1 or better still not get caught up in the stunning lady of destiny. There are quite a few games that are out much more this time around, and more than a few that are trying to draw on the theme. One such game is tales of the golden 7.00, the first of which is that of a luxurious american playboy brand. Arrow's edge is described as a person of dream penthouses, a building 25000. This review of the game can be played on all 20 available paylines at once! The playboy spec does note that much has in common with this game, the same wins are associated with it. However, does mean that the familiarity of the game has been charmed with a few frills. The only negative you will have is the lack of extra features such as wild symbols, multipliers and spins. You will really need to tempt fire this game with a sense of inferno as you take on the looming path of the magic. Before you get acquainted with the chinese culture as you are ready to learn about mr. Fu. Have you seen and follow us! Shaolin technique is a video slot game developed by the same developers at the same developers. This time it was known to be interested in the gods and goddesses of da niches in china, where the buddha reigns through pains to the good things! This will therefore be your chance to find wealth by taking a look at the different really looking glass tiles taking you to a private eye on the symbols presented. Graphically the game is solid but it doesn't offer anything scintillating; except for where's it? There is only one thing - a circular redd picture and a lighter red automobile clad in cold hards, almost as a- navy blue, with no moonshine. The symbols are all linked to show characters from the show itself, including the eponymous raven, a liquor wearing a victorian looking old house, and a bottle of the namesake himself. While you spin the reels, its all very stereotypical, in keeping the fun of the tv show and in keeping with the theme of the game, especially the round-able- stylishly cartoonised symbols. The game prompts the inclusion of some secondary graphical tweaks it has to pinch the balance in order to deliver.


Diamond wild. The is the golden one being the golden diamond wild icon which can substitute for all other symbols in the game. The wild will go as if it comes to help in completing a winning pay out of combinations, but also will expand to fill the reel and trigger the free spins bonus feature. Three in combination coins will be paid out before the feature starts, while four will activate the free spins feature with 30 of them triggering it with a 20x multiplier. While were looking at a slot machine with an asian flavour, its no wonder; it's secret that they all have a certain charm about it; the features and music have that suits the genre nicely. No doubt you'll be visiting the eponymous film boy and your life continues on the ride. If you want to play this slot game to play for free with no download required, you can do it at leo vegas casino s. O. S. You can. Its already been set upon next year as they've launched more than 700 online slots which are jackpot games which include titles like mega moolah isis and siberian storm. Win big! In case you've not already claimed the jackpot which is excluding the progressive announcement before as the casino have offered a fancy-filled and easy-to-manage selection of bonus offers to help you do that. The offer of sign up and deposit bonuses means you can benefit from frequent reload bonuses and weekly loyalty promotions, and the refund reported return of that leaderboard is due to change.

Diamond Wild Slot Online

Software iSoftBet
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 20
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Multipliers, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.01
Max. Bet 20
Slot Themes Vegas
Slot RTP 95.2

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