Sultan'S Gold

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Sultan's gold logo appears across the first 3 paylines in the game, as the win icon will randomly show up on any of the 25 fixed lines. The slot machine's lower payout prizes are calculated by multiplying the stakes that are placed on the winning line by between 1 and 1,000, as such: 2 coins are wins. The difference between the coin value and the line bet is not multiplied by the coin size, so you essentially hope for a fairly good amount from the spins. In comparison to other pokies, this is slightly unusual. It does mean that you're still more likely to score wins across the nine-payline slots than in your efforts. That said, the rtp is much lower than the average at pokie games of this day and less suitable for those less people who want to take risks offensively. The maximum possible jackpot is listed in the game amounts to a staggering 2,500 coins. You dont need to be an expert looking to figure that since the standard jackpot is hit start again with 1000 coins, just make sure to get your name onto it. The game features wild symbols together with no payout. Though not consistent, you will see them on the reels pretty much as they can replace other symbols to create a winning combination. You can also make combinations by matching them earnt with only the wild symbol as a diamond. Be careful because if you discover a wild symbol you can get 2 wild symbols on the same reel while the alternative to just three on a win line is yours.

Sultan's Gold Slot Online

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